Shop Drawing

Every construction project requires shop drawings. They provide accurate information on each details of the project’s pre-fabricated components. The importance of shop drawings in the building process cannot be overstated. Architects and builders need shop drawings to conduct the best construction practices. Architects and engineers go through shop drawings to make sure contractors, manufacturers, and suppliers are on the same page.

Here at Union Technical Outsource, we utilize the latest softwares and technology to offer high-quality shop drawing services with quick turnaround time.

The following is a list of the many types of shop drawings services that we provide, each of which has its own significance and is interconnected with the project work:

Architectural Shop Drawing

Architectural shop drawings include the precise detailing and drafting work necessary for the construction of a villa, small apartments, or any large industrial, commercial, or residential building. As the groundwork for the project is being prepared, we support our clients in the best way possible so that their work gets done faster.

Mechanical Shop Drawing

The execution of shop drawing is considered one of the most important aspects of any fabrication industry. Outsource mechanical shop drawing task in order to stay on top of project schedules and material requirements.

MEP Shop Drawing

MEP drawings contain all of the information needed to build a commercial or residential structure, such as HVAC systems, wiring, and plumbing. Component vendors, equipment manufacturers, and suppliers need them to understand the mechanical intricacies of a structure in the works.

BIM Shop Drawing

At some point throughout a construction project, every architect, contractor, engineer, and service provider will reference BIM shop drawings. These drawings are a precise blueprint and visual representation of the building's details and specifications as designed by the architect and engineer. Save your own time and money by outsourcing BIM shop drawing function to the specialists at Union Technical Outsource.

Structural Shop Drawing

Regardless of the scale or complexity of the project, our structural engineers have successfully completed various structural shop drawings projects. In addition to provide you with high-quality structural shop drawing service that follows your company's standards, we hold all dealings between us and your company highly confidential.

CAD Shop Drawing

Our engineers and drafters provide a variety of CAD shop drawing services at a fair rates, which are then used to create or develop millwork drafting, shop drawings, and fabrication drawings, all of which are of excellent quality, starting with the design concept and ending with 3D modeling.

Steel Shop Drawing

Steel shop drawing is indeed an important phase that demands a structural team of highly competent and experienced draftsmen and modelers. Our steel shop drawings services include trusses, reinforced concrete, precast concrete, structures, and millwork, to name a few.

We've been fortunate to work on the shop drawings and be a part of these projects.

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