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In today’s digitalization world, outsourcing has become a common business practice for businesses of all sizes, with one of the major reasons being the cost benefits it brings about.

Outsourcing converts fixed costs into variable costs and frees up capital for investment, allowing businesses to avoid large expenses in the early phases of their development.

All businesses will inevitably spend certain overhead costs to fulfill regulatory needs (for example, legal, tax, HR, health and safety, payroll, and bookkeeping expenses), and this is one area where an outsourced solution is often beneficial. The potential savings can be even greater when companies in developed countries offshore the work to a partner located in a developing country like Vietnam, where living and operating costs are significantly lower. But hiring people in other countries is a hassle, isn’t it? This is where an outsourcing partner may help.

When you work with an outsourcer, they can handle the difficult process of hiring in a low-cost country, allowing you to achieve a high-quality result at a low price point.

The average salaries of an onshore employee in Construction industry versus that of an offshore Vietnamese:

Average onshore employee salary

Average offshore employee salary

Average onshore employee salary

$75k per year
Doesn’t include overhead expenses.

Average offshore employee salary

$20k per year
Includes overhead expenses.
$75k to $110k per year
Doesn’t include overhead expenses.
$30k to $46k per year
Includes overhead expenses.
The example above shows how hiring an offshore team member rather than recruiting employee in the area can create massive savings on fixed expenditures.

Not only that, outsourcing can generate an increase in revenues by allowing you and your in-house staff to concentrate on commercial imperatives.

Other benefits of outsourcing include:

Improved performance

Achieve a more productive service by partnering with an outsourcing company with the resources, expertise and flexibility to meet tight deadlines.

Business focus

Allow your in-house team to focus on core competencies and money-making activities for your company by freeing them of time-consuming and tedious tasks.

Growth opportunity

You now have the resources and funds to develop your business thanks to increased corporate cash flow and a greater competitive edge gained through outsourcing.

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