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The shift to outsourcing is already well established in the manufacturing sector, especially in engineering and technical functions. When you outsource a certain task, job or process to an outsourcing partner, you are leveraging the specialized service and knowledge they provide.

Throughout the years, Union Technical Outsource has built a team of the most competent and dedicated engineers, draftspersons, architects, estimators and 3D renderers to put at your service.

Recruiting team members for such highly technical roles is hardly a simple nor inexpensive process. The ideal candidates would have the appropriate qualifications, experiences, skill set, and aptitude for the job. Hiring a new employee might be difficult if you just have access to a small pool of local candidates. Most of the time, this implies that you will have to make a compromise. When it comes to outsource, not only will you get access to a bigger talent pool, the outsourcing partner of your choice will also handle the hiring process, and they will deliver candidates who will fit in well with your existing staff.

As in Australia it is even harder to find the right candidate that fits your expectations due to three factors:
When comparing Vietnam’s labor market to that of Australia:

We have 460 universities and vocational colleges that produce a mere 2 million engineers and technicians a year, which means our skilled labour market is very competitive and we have to keep on improving our professional skills. Fortunately, Union Technical Outsource has a very dynamic HR team who works very hard over various platforms to ensure the right candidate is offered to your service. That includes one who may have to pass a skill test, a communication test, and a work ethic test before entering our workforce.

When you start a team with us, you will not start with a newbie, but with a senior, a team leader, in that particular area to ensure we make the most of your training and save you as much time as possible.

That is 10 times more effective than training a new apprentice. Then down the path, if you decide to extend your offshore team with us, our senior will also take care of the training for the newcomers. Because our principle is simply Quality over Quantity, you will not be required to pay for anything until you are convinced that the new hire is competent enough to carry out tasks.
As a company prepares for an offshore employee, there are a number of actions that need to be performed before it is offshore ready. This includes applying best practices in communications, technology, output management, and work in progress. Keep in mind that you will not be embarking on the outsourcing journey alone, you will receive support from the service provider throughout the entire partnership as needed.

Outsourced projects are results-driven, which is why the focus on deliverables is a major factor in the growth of outsourcing.

Firms that rely on outsourcing businesses will be able to cover a wider range of tasks and save time with fast and quality service delivery. Furthermore, outsourcing will provide you with more staffing flexibility, allowing you to hire additional staff for a certain length of time at a fixed cost.

See other benefits of outsourcing as below:

It's more cost effective

When you outsource, you can save money by reducing the expenses associated with bringing on new employees. Working with contractors rather than employees reduces overhead costs, allowing your company to get the same amount of work done for less.

Focus on core competencies

Outsourcing essential but mundane tasks helps you re-focus your resources on the activities that generate revenues without sacrificing quality or service.

Resources to expand your business

Gain a competitive advantage and expand your business into new continents working with the best talents from across borders, while maintaining low expenditures.

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