Steel Detailing

Steel detailing is the process of creating shop drawings for a steel fabricator. A steel fabricator is a company that supplies and, in certain cases, installs steel framework for construction projects. A steel detailer’s job is to create the drawings that will be used by the fabricator to cut and weld all of the essential elements together.

Our steel detailing service produces two types of drawings: erection drawings and shop drawings.

Erection drawings

Erection drawings are used to instruct the steel erector on site for where and how to erect the fabricated steel members. These drawings generally provide dimensioned plans for positioning the steel members, as well as specifications containing key information and regulations, including any work that must be done on site (such as bolting, welding or installing masonry anchors).

Shop drawings

Complete shop drawings include material specifications, member sizes, all required dimensions, welding, bolting, surface preparation, and painting requirements, and any other necessary information to define each completed member.

Union Technical Outsource offers high-quality steel detailing service that is tailored to your company's standards.

Within a few training sessions, we’ll be able to effectively learn your company’s standards, and your new steel detailer will be able to communicate and support you with live projects.

Investing more time and effort in structural steel details will save you time and money both in the workshop and on the job site. The precision of the steel detailing simplifies the task for the workers on the construction site. Because workers have a clear vision of where to place the fabricated steel members, installation expenses are significantly lowered.

Aside from an in-depth knowledge of Australian Standards, Union Technical Outsource understands your tight schedules and commitments towards your projects and makes sure that you receive the service delivered on-time.  
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