Structural Drafting

All of our structural draftspersons are highly qualified with university degree in Civil & Structural Engineers, and have a minimum of 5 years of experience in the construction industry. Their ability to read and understand structure has been tested during our initial interview.

We can learn your company’s standards very quickly after a couple of training sessions, and your hired draftsperson will be able to start communicating and assisting you with live projects.

Whether you hire one or more than two draftspersons to work for your business, the support that you get doesn’t stop there.

Throughout the entire partnership, our team leader and Australian representatives will be involved if needed to ensure a smooth get-go. By doing that, we make sure your instructions will not get lost by mistake. We listen to and take note of your training and document it rigorously, so the next staff you hire from us will take no time to get up and running.

Having an outsourced staff working for you will not only save you money on office space and other overheads, but also keep your mind fresh so you can work with your valuable clients and architects to come up with a better design that distinguishes you from other competitors.

All you have to do is to mark up or even hand sketch your design over the architectural plan and let our draftsperson take care of the rest of the drafting process.

If you already have a company standard, we can follow it strictly to ensure the results produced by us will 100% match your expectations.

There will be changes, variations to the original design or obstacles during construction that lead to time-consuming modifications. Let us take care of that so you can focus on winning the next projects.

Since our staff are qualified structural engineers, they can also use FEM software such as ETABS, SAP200, Inducta, and Space Gass to model and run calculations to assist your project engineers. Consider the immediate response and impact you would gain from having a strong team member in your consulting firm.

We hold all dealings between us and your company highly confidential. We put out measures to restrict any wrong-doing from happening, to protect your priceless information, and to assure that your IP stays strictly for your business.

Softwares we use:

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The SER (Structural Engineer of Record) creates conceptual sketches for the project’s framing system, including beams and steel columns.
A SSE (Specialty Structural Engineer) then loads preliminary calculations on floor joists.

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